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How to Draw Graffiti Names

Graffiti art has, over time, become a form of artistic drawing. In another article, I’ve captured the main characteristics of artistic art in more detail but let’s do a quick review here.

We know that graffiti art is often loud (meaning brightly colored), has a 3D look and feel to it, and looks mostly stylish. One might even classify graffiti art as contemporary art. Everything about graffiti is an expression of the culture of some group or country.

Although graffiti art is most widely known as art drawn by vandals on public walls with spray cans, the same term can be extended to represent art with similar characteristics as mentioned above.

You may be drawn to drawing graffiti names because graffiti art looks stylish with its bright attractive colors, and that applies to graffiti texts as well.

To start drawing graffiti names, you need to prepare the following drawing tools. You need a light pencil, preferably HB, and a set of permanent magic markers with a variety of colors.

Next, you need to decide on the style of the texts. There are literally thousands of styles to choose from. Just take a look at the thousands of font types available freely on the Internet for download. You may want to visit one of these websites and choose a font design that you really like. You’ll be using this as your reference. Some websites even allow you to create a preview image with the selected font type. Simply save the image to your computer for reference.

Start drawing with your pencil on the surface. Draw lightly at first so that you can erase any mistakes you make. Sometimes, your texts may be too big or small, and you can easily rectify this by using a dust free eraser.

Once you’re satisfied with how the graffiti name looks, trace the outline with a fine magic marker. The shapes will start to emerge now. Then start filling in the different letters with colors. Be bold and creative here. After all, it’s graffiti texts, so you want it to come out attractive, bold and stylish.

Use a different color to create some shades just inside the outlines. This will create the illusion that the texts are 3D. If you’re familiar to using Photoshop or any image editing software, this is similar to creating the emboss effect.

Drawing the drop shadow is optional but if you want your graffiti name to look more alive and realistic, by all means give your graffiti name a light shadow below.