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Learn to Graffiti – Some General Guidelines You Need to Know

Before you start out in the big wide world of graffiti art, you need to learn and abide by the ‘rules’. As you learn to graffiti you need to also learn about the underground culture of graffiti writers that you might not otherwise have known about.

1. To Learn to Graffiti You Need to Develop Your Own Style

The development of your own graffiti style is paramount. You will be judged and eventually accepted or rejected on the basis of your individual style and the skill with which you learn to graffiti. Initially you will start out by developing your own unique tag, your tag name and the style you use. This will form the basis for the rest of your graffiti art style to build on.

When you’re starting to learn to graffiti you will spend a lot of your time looking at other writers work and perhaps even copying a few to help you figure out your own style. Most new writers learn to graffiti by copying other writers’ pieces. This is all perfectly acceptable as long as those copies stay in your black book (sketchbook). When you start putting together your own pieces, it needs to be in your own unique style.

2. Don’t Copy Other Writers’ Work

If you put up pieces that are blatant copies or you ‘nic’ someone else’s work you will automatically lose respect from other graffiti artists. Your pieces need to be original and obvious that they were done for you in order to make a name for yourself in the area. You need to be able to put up a number of pieces in order to be recognized the more skilled and original your work is, the faster you will gain respect as a writer.

It is completely OK for you to draw inspiration from other writers work. They might give you new ideas of pieces you could to or give you a few different techniques to try out. Like it is illegal to blatantly copy any copyright images or materials, it is a sign of serious disrespect to copy someone else’s graffiti piece.

3. Show a High Level of Technique and Skill

As you learn to graffiti you also need to develop your skill. It isn’t enough to go around doing quick throw ups that show little skill but will get your tag seen out there faster. You also need to show some serious skill with the pieces you put up in order to become recognized and respected among other graffiti artists. Even after you’ve done your few sick pieces you still need to keep working to develop your skills and your style.

Even the more experienced and well established writers out there continue to constantly sketch in their black books and work on their styles before putting up new pieces. As long as you continue to work on your skills and develop your style you will be able to maintain a respected status among other writers.

These guidelines have just been an overview to how you should work and develop your graffiti and tagging style. There is still a complex matrix of rules that graffiti writers are expected to understand and abide by. In order to start out on the right foot in your graffiti writing and gain respect from other writers you too need to know these rules and how to work in with other writers.